Mac Macdonald

Corporate Trainer, National Speaker, and Author

Be inspired!

My creative seminars will help your organization build workplace trust, inspiring the team to take ownership of your strategic vision. I can help you recognize leadership thru succession planning, and improve communication using team building exercises.

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Presentations tailored to your organization.

You won't get a canned speech that loses the interest of your employees. I'll do my research and create presentations tailored to your organization.

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I can help you re-recruit your team and members before complacency or lowered productivity sets in.

Schedule keynote and breakout seminars that energize and recommit your team.

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Lighting Your OWN Fuse

A book for the Ages, a book for all ages. A compilation of wisdom as old as man on earth coupled with the latest in leadership and self-actualization technology.

Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, Kindle and 5-CD audio set editions!

"Every person you lead, teach, influence, counsel, or supervise should be provided a copy of this remarkable glossary".

Seattle Times

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Lighting Your Own Fuse